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noticing {stations}

wowzie. and, hello. it's been a busy few weeks and i've not had the chance to pop over here and share ALL that's going on. apologies. and, much, much love. 

so -- a quick update. the first week of october, we launched our brand-new-never-before-seen, custom, multicultural kidmin curriculum. THIS IS SO AWESOME. then, the same week, we launched our all new Everyday Spiritual Parenting class which includes new content, and a new approach {child development + faith development + practical parenting}. ALSO, AWESOME. the following week {yes, a breather!} we continued our Lunch + Learn series which is a monthly, mid-day lunchtime training session for the parents + volunteers who work downtown.


my takeaway from this month -- it's super fun to launch things! and, exhausting. especially, when they all occur at the same time. #lessonlearned

about the curriculum. it's been a challenge. of course. we were all well aware of the challenges when we made this nuts-o decision. but, now that we're implementing, it's nice to see a bit of the fruit. kids excited to come to church. kids repeating lessons to parents. kids interacting and engaging in deeper conversations. kids noticing + celebrating the differences between them. thankful, thankful. 

one thing i'm especially proud of is our new noticing station -- each sunday, we're including a noticing activity station {along with building, art, play, sensory} that helps children express who they see in the classroom, who they imagine is missing, and discuss their similarities + differences. we're working hard to build a culture of noticing {for kids + volunteers + families}, and this is a super practical and fun way to help kids develop the skill of noticing. 

for these first months, we're rotating between four activities at the noticing station:

{art supplies} encourage the children to look around the room and notice who they see at church. use the multicultural art supplies to draw on butcher people the people they see.

{toy people} encourage the children to look around the room and notice who they see at church today. arrange the toy people to reflect who they see at church.  

{paper people} encourage the children to look around the room and notice who they see at church today. use the paper people to create clothes for the people they see. 

{mirrors} encourage the children to use the mirrors to notice who they see at chruch. use the dry erase markers to draw the friends they see at church on the mirrors. 

AND then, YESTERDAY! just as i was beginning story time in the age 4/5/K class -- a girl asked if two of the teachers were sisters "because they looked exactly alike." they're not sisters; i assumed the girl asked because of their similar skintones. without judgment towards her statement, i replied, "nope, they are not sisters. but, i am really glad you noticed. you paid attention to who is here today, and that is great!" because, this is EXACTLY what we hope for as we show kids that church is a safe place to notice each other and ask questions, talk about who we see. 

ALSO! at the end of the lesson, i asked the pre-K kids to compare their skintones to mine. i gave them each a chance to put their arms next to mine, and notice if the color was the same or different. all were different -- some lighter, some darker. i then asked, if all of us were made to reflect God's image, why do we all look different? and without skipping a beat, a precious boy answered -- if we were all made the same, we wouldn't be able tell each other apart, and the world would be boring. SO. STOP. i mean. it's only week 3 of the curriculum, but this is very good.

for me, this is worth the extra effort of writing + creating lessons. so that kids notice each other, discover their interwoven-ness, learn that God's world is big and great, and as a result become leaders in their communities towards diversity + reconciliation + love. 

heart exploding. 

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Reader Comments (2)

AMY!!! This is AMAZING! SO stinking proud of all you are doing at WC!!!!

October 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterEmily Gist

thank you, EMILY! it's a really sweet time --
and thank you for the CAPS! and EXCLAMATION MARKS!
my favorite things!

October 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAmy Dolan

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